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How to Download GST Certificate

GST Certificate Download - How to Download GST Certificate

GST Certificate Download

GST has introduced in India in the year 2017 on 1st July, It has removed various indirect taxes like VAT, CST in India, GST is the single uniform indirect tax structure in India. As per the GST Act(goods and service tax 2016-2017), every taxpayer whose business annual turnover is above 20 lakhs has to register themselves under GST(10 lakh for Northeastern states).

It is also necessary for a taxpayer to print the Registered GST certificate in the premise of the business stating that the business is “GST Registered Business“. GST certificate should be available on the business premises at any point in time.  

Once your GST application is done you’ll receive an approval mail from GST department stating that your GST Registration application has been approved. Downloading GST Certification is a very easy process and approved. Here is the Detailed Process of Downloading GST Registration Certificate :

In case you are a new user you have to log in first by the following mentioned procedure. For Login when your GST is approved you get the GST login Details and GST number on your email ID.

  • As soon as the registration is completed. A mail will be sent on the registered mail Id of the taxpayer which will include Username, Password, and GSTN (Goods and Service Tax Number).

  • For new taxpayer visit Online GST Portal & Click - “First time login: If you are logging in for the first time, click here to log in”.

  • Log in by using the provided Username & Password.

Once you log in, you will be able to download the GST certificate by following the below-mentioned procedure.

Step by Step Procedure - How to Download GST Registration Certificate

Step 1 : Visit GST Portal Online

Step 2 : Click on Login (On the right side of the page).

Enter your “Username” & “Password”, along with this enter the correct “CAPTCHA” to log in.

Step 3: As soon as you log in, the Dashboard will arrive, Click on Services - User Services.

Step 4: In the User Services section - Select "View Download Certificate".

Step 5: A table with Form Number, Form Description and Date of Issue will be displayed. Click on download.

Step 6: The file will be downloaded in your system.

GST Registration Certificate Format :

You can view GST certificate easily. Below attached is a sample copy of GST Registration Certificate.

What does GST Certificate include?

The GST certificate includes the following details such as:

  • Registration Number

The registration number will be given to the registered taxpayer which is also known as GSTIN. GSTIN will be a 15 digit number, the first two digits will be the state code, later 10 digits will be PAN (Permanent Account Number), 13th digit will be the Entity number of same state PAN holder, A "Z" by default at the 14th place, Checksum digit will be at 15th place.

  • Legal Name

The first row will have the legal name of the business holder.

  • Trade Name

The next row will include the trade name if any.

  • Constitution of business

This row will show the business type, as there are different types of businesses such as Sole proprietorship, Partnership etc.

  • Date of liability

On which date the taxpayer becomes liable to registration, the effective date of registration is known as the date of his liability.

  • Period of Validity

This section will show the period of validity - which will include the start date and the end date of GST registration certificate validity.

  • Types of registration

Here the type of the taxpayer will be shown.

  • Signature

Here the DS (Digital Signature) will be displayed.

  • Details of the Approving officer will be mentioned at the end. The details will include the Name, Designation, Jurisdiction Office, Date of issue of the certificate.

It is necessary for every registered taxpayer to have this certificate in the business premise available all the time. Also, the person should start issuing GST compliant sales invoices.   

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