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Trademark Class 31 - Fruits, Vegetables & Agricultural Goods

Trademark Class 31 - Fruits, Vegetables & Agricultural Goods

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.

Trademark has a total of 45 classes and The manufacture of goods and services are grouped into different classes. Each class requires a different registration. This is a classification of almost 80,000 products and services and divided into two sections - Classes for Goods & Classes of Services. Here in this article, we will understand about Trademark class 31.

Trademark Class 31

Trademarks must be applied or registered under classes and each class represents a distinct class of goods or services. In this post, we comprehensively cover the goods which fall under Class 31 of the trademark classification. As per the NICE classification heading for class 31 comes under the classes of goods.

Types of Goods come under Trademark Class 31

  • Raw woods

  • Raw cereals

  • Fertilized eggs for hatching

  • Mollusca and crustacea

Types of Goods that do not come under Trademark Class 31

  • Cultures of microorganisms and leeches for medical purposes

  • Dietary supplements for animals

  • Semi-worked woods

  • Artificial fishing bait 

  • Rice

  • Tobacco

List Of Good Under Trademark Class 31

  • Algae For Human Or Animal Consumption / Seaweed For Human Or Animal Consumption

  • Algarovilla For Animal Consumption

  • Almonds [Fruits]

  • Aloe Vera Plants

  • Animal Foodstuffs

  • Animal Fattening Preparations / Livestock Fattening Preparations

  • Products For Animal Litter

  • Live Animals

  • Aromatic Sand For Pets [Litter]

  • Artichokes, Fresh

  • Bagasse Of Cane [Raw Material]

  • Raw Barks

  • Barley*

  • Beans, Fresh

  • Beet, Fresh

  • Berries, Fresh Fruits

  • Beverages For Pets

  • Bird Food

  • Bran

  • Bran Mash For Animal Consumption

  • Bred Stock

  • Cereal Seeds, Unprocessed

  • Chestnuts, Fresh

  • Edible Chews For Animals

  • Chicory Roots

  • Chicory, Fresh

  • Christmas Trees*

  • Citrus Fruit, Fresh

  • Cocoa Beans, Raw

  • Coconut Shell

  • Coconuts

  • Copra

  • Crayfish, Live

  • Crustaceans, Live

  • Cucumbers, Fresh

  • Cuttle Bone For Birds

  • Distillery Waste For Animal Consumption

  • Dog Biscuits

  • Draff

  • Preparations For Egg Laying Poultry

  • Eggs For Hatching, Fertilised

  • Fish Spawn

  • Fish, Live

  • Fish Meal For Animal Consumption

  • Fishing Bait, Live

  • Flax Meal [Fodder]

  • Flower Bulbs / Bulbs

  • Flowers, Natural

  • Flowers, Dried, For Decoration

  • Fodder / Cattle Food / Forage

  • Fruit, Fresh

  • Fruit Residue [Marc] / Marc

  • Garden Herbs, Fresh

  • Garlic, Fresh

  • Grains [Cereals]

  • Grains For Animal Consumption

  • Grapes, Fresh

  • Groats For Poultry

  • Hay

  • Hazelnuts

  • Herrings, Live

  • Hop Cones

  • Hops

  • Juniper Berries

  • Kola Nuts / Cola Nuts

  • Leeks, Fresh

  • Lemons, Fresh

  • Lentils, Fresh

  • Lettuce, Fresh

  • Lime For Animal Forage

  • Linseed For Animal Consumption / Flaxseed For Animal Consumption

  • Linseed Meal For Animal Consumption / Flaxseed Meal For Animal Consumption

  • Litter Peat

  • Lobsters, Live

  • Locust Beans, Raw

  • Maize

  • Maize Cake For Cattle

  • Malt For Brewing And Distilling

  • Mash For Fattening Livestock

  • Meal For Animals

  • Menagerie Animals

  • Mushroom Spawn For Propagation

  • Mushrooms, Fresh

  • Mussels, Live

  • Nettles

  • Nuts [Fruits]

  • Oats

  • Oil Cake / Cattle Cake

  • Olives, Fresh

  • Onions, Fresh Vegetables

  • Oranges, Fresh

  • Oysters, Live

  • Palm Trees

  • Palms [Leaves Of The Palm Tree]

  • Peanut Meal For Animals

  • Peanut Cake For Animals

  • Peanuts, Fresh

  • Peas, Fresh

  • Peppers [Plants]

  • Pet Food

  • Pine Cones

  • Plants

  • Plants, Dried, For Decoration

  • Pollen [Raw Material]

  • Potatoes, Fresh

  • Poultry, Live

  • By-products Of The Processing Of Cereals, For Animal Consumption / Residual Products Of Cereals For Animal Consumption

  • Rape Cake For Cattle

  • Residue In A Still After Distillation

  • Rhubarb, Fresh

  • Rice Meal For Forage

  • Rice, Unprocessed

  • Roots For Food

  • Rose Bushes

  • Rough Cork

  • Rye

  • Salmon, Live

  • Salt For Cattle

  • Sanded Paper For Pets [Litter]

  • Sardines, Live

  • Sea-cucumbers, Live

  • Seed Germ For Botanical Purposes

  • Seedlings

  • Seeds For Planting / Plant Seeds

  • Edible Sesame, Unprocessed

  • Shellfish, Live

  • Shrubs / Bushes

  • Silkworm Eggs

  • Silkworms

  • Spinach, Fresh

  • Spiny Lobsters, Live

  • Squashes, Fresh / Marrows, Fresh

  • Stall Food For Animals

  • Straw Mulch

  • Straw Litter

  • Straw [Forage]

  • Strengthening Animal Forage

  • Sugarcane

  • Trees

  • Truffles, Fresh

  • Trunks Of Trees

  • Tuna, Live

  • Turf, Natural / Sod

  • Undressed Timber

  • Unsawn Timber

  • Vegetables, Fresh

  • Vine Plants

  • Wheat

  • Wheat Germ For Animal Consumption

  • Wood Chips For The Manufacture Of Wood Pulp

  • Wreaths Of Natural Flowers

  • Yeast For Animal Consumption

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