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How to check Company Registration Status

How to check the Company Registration Status online

Under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, there are numerous corporate bodies in India such as One Person company, Limited liability Partnership, Private Limited Company whose functioning are regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. All information pertaining to the these companies are published online by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs which can be seen both by the public as well as the company. It is mandatory for companies to register under the Ministry of Corporate affairs which can be checked later on the database of MCA.

The Company Registration Status can be checked on the official MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) database. Following are some of the details which can be checked on the portal of Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

  1. CIN (Corporate Identification Number): The 21 DIN (Director Identification Number) which is assigned by the Registrar of Companies can be searched on the MCA portal.

  1. Company Name: The portal will display the company's name which is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  1. ROC Registration Number: The Registrar of Companies assigns the ROC Registration Number to the companies during the time of registration.

  1. Class of the Company: The MCA portal also shows the class of the company if it is a Private or a Public company. The number of members, directors, paid up capital, etc will vary for a private company and a public company.

  1. The Company's Authorized Capital: MCA portal also reveals the company's authorized capital which is the maximum amount of capital the shareholders are authorized to invest in the company.

  1. The Company's Paid-Up Capital: The MCA portal also reveals the capital which has been issued by the company and the amount which has been received by the company.

  1. The Date of Incorporation: This is the date on which the company was incorporated. It is this date that legally distinguishes the company as a separate legal entity.

  1. Address and Email: The MCA also declares the registered address and Email ID of the company.

  1. Date of Last AGM: The MCA portal also reveals the most recent date on which the Annual General Meeting was held.

  1. Date of the Balance Sheet: The balance sheet of the company is also declared on the MCA  portal. The balance sheet is prepared which discloses the assets and liabilities of the company is prepared during the end of the year or sometimes prepared monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Introduction to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the governmental portal contains all details of the company incorporated in the country. The portal is a repository which contains all details of registered companies including Limited Liability Partnership firms. Details of the company such as the company registration number, the date of incorporation of company, the the company's capital (Authorized Capital and Paid Up Capital), the directors of the company, etc. can be checked on the portal.

Procedure to check the Company Registration Status online

There are 3 steps that need to be followed in order to check the status of the incorporation of a company on the MCA portal which are as follows:

1st Step - You need to go to the official MCA website.

2nd Step - Now you need to go to the 'MCA Services' tab. From the dropdown, you need to click on 'View Company/LLP Master Data'.

3rd Step - Now you need to enter the Corporate Identity Number (CIN), enter the captcha code and then click 'Submit'.

The portal also has provisions to search the Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the company by clicking on the search icon beside the 'Company/LLP Name' field.

It is very important to register a company in India in order to commence operations full fledgedly. After the latest amendments in the Government processes, the company registration process has been made simple. With such simplification in registration and incorporation processes, the business climate is going to change for good which will thereby help businesses to contribute towards the growth of the economy.

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