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FSSAI License Renewal

Guide to FSSAI License Renewal

A Complete Guide to FSSAI License Renewal

In order to run a food business, an FSSAI registration is of utmost importance. And once you’ve secured a license, equally important is the FSSAI renewal to remain in business. Obtaining an FSSAI license is not a one-time event; the license needs to be renewed periodically. But what if, at the time of reading this article, you’ve already missed out on the FSSAI renewal date? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of FSSAI license renewal after expiration.

FSSAI License in India

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) License or food license in India is a mandatory permit that all FBOs (Food Business Operators) need to secure. Regardless of whether you’re a food manufacturer, producer, wholesaler, retailer, importer or exporter; the FSSAI license is legally binding on you, as stated under the FSSAI Act of 2006. Moreover, since the FSSAI license ensures the quality and safety of your food products, laxity in obtaining one may harm your business reputation.

The license is awarded in the form of a 14-digit number which needs to be displayed on the packaging of your food product(s).

FSSAI License Validity

The validity of your food license in India is subject to the number of years for which it was obtained at the time of registration. Typically, this ranges from 1-5 years.

FSSAI License Renewal after Expiration

If you wish to continue with your food business, FSSAI license renewal is not optional, but mandatory. You must renew your license before the expiry of its validity period. In the event of passing the renewal window of time (30 days before the expiration date), a fresh application for an FSSAI license has to be filed.

Consequences of Non-Renewal

As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, it is always advisable to adopt a proactive approach when it comes to FSSAI license renewal. Failure to do so will be penalized. You are required to apply during the 30 days prior to the expiration date (for which you will be notified) in order to avoid the penalty charges of INR 100 per day levied on account of negligence in compliance.

FSSAI License Procedure for Renewal

The following is the procedure for the FSSAI license renewal –

Step 1: The Form A (Basic FSSAI registration) or Form B (Central or State FSSAI registration) in agreement with the former license is to be presented along with some self-attested FSSAI license documents and declaration.

Step 2: Once the filled-in application has been received, the concerned authorities will examine it. If need be, your business premises will also be inspected to ensure the legitimacy of furnished information.

Step 3: On being convinced of your business proceedings, a license shall be issued in your favour.

Step 4: The renewed FSSAI license should reach you within 60 days (the same as the FSSAI registration process).

Even if you don’t receive a response from the authorities within 60 days, you can continue running operations as usual.

For more information on FSSAI registration and FSSAI renewal, sign up for a free consultation with LegalDocs and receive expert support for your renewal application.

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