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GST Number Search

GST Number Search

What is GSTIN?

Before the implementation of GST, all the taxpayers were registered under the state VAT law and they were assigned a unique TIN number. On the other side, the service providers were assigned a service tax registration number by the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC).

Since the GST (Goods and Service Tax) came into existence the taxpayer who falls under GST criteria has to register themselves under GST, those registered taxpayers are provided with a unique registration number which is known as GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number).

As on March 2, a total of 1,03,99,305 taxpayers are registered under GST, which include 64.42 lakh taxpayers who have migrated from the previous tax regimes and 39.56 lakh who have taken new GST registration. Among these many GST registered taxpayer, it is difficult to find a single taxpayer. So, here in this article, we will learn how to do GST number search with few simple steps. Before that, we will understand the structure of GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number).

Structure of GSTIN

Basically, GSTIN is a 15 digit alpha-numeric number.

  • The first two digit defines the state code.

For eg - State code of Maharashtra is 27.

  • The 10 digits after the state code are the PAN number of the taxpayer.

  • The 13th digit will be assigned based on the number of registration within a state

  • 14th digit will be Z by default.

  • The 15th digit will be the check code, it may be alphabet or number.

GST Number Search

Are you aware of the fact that you can easily find GST no by just entering the details such as PAN card number, Name of the Taxpayer and also by entering the GSTIN.

Let us check out the procedure of GST number search

  • GST Number Search by PAN

    • Visit Online GST portal.

    • Click on “Search Taxpayer” tab.

    • Under “Search taxpayer” - select “Search by PAN”.

    • Enter the PAN card number of the taxpayer.

    • Complete the “CAPTCHA”

    • And click on “Search”.

    • The website will help you with the details of the taxpayer if the GSTIN is valid or an error message will be displayed.

  • GST Number Search by Name

    • Visit GST Portal Online.

    • Click on “Search Taxpayer” tab.

    • Enter the correct name of the business in the Search bar.

    • You have to enter at least 10 characters to find the relevant GST number information.

    • Make sure that the initials of the state are entered along with the characters of the business in order to find the most relevant search result.

    • The complete list of GST no is provided to the central government.

  • GST Number Search of Composition taxpayer

    • Visit Online GST registration portal.

    • Click on “Search Taxpayer” tab.

    • Under “Search taxpayer” - select “Search Composition Taxpayer”.

    • Enter the GSTIN card number of the taxpayer.

    • Complete the “CAPTCHA”

    • And click on “Search”.

    • The website will help you with the details of the taxpayer if the dealer is not registered under the composition scheme then the result may not reflect or an error message will be displayed.

Details Shown after entering accurate GSTIN

As soon as you enter the details in the search bar, the following details of the taxpayer will be displayed.

  • GST Number

  • Legal Name of Business or entity

  • Center and state jurisdiction

  • Registration date/ Date of Incorporation

  • Business Structure whether it is a Private Limited Company, OPC, LLP, etc.

  • Regular or Taxpayer under Composition Scheme.

  • GSTIN/UIN Status

  • Status of Cancellation (If any)

The GST number search can be done easily by using a GST search tool. Anyone can follow the steps and complete the verification procedure. For detailed information of GST number and GST registration, you can consult LegalDocs.

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