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FSSAI Food License Registration for Sweet Manufacturers

FSSAI Food License Registration for Sweet Manufacturers

Who are Sweet Manufacturers? 

In India,  people celebrate every chance we get to celebrate. At least one special occasion would be there every month of a year in India. And, how do we celebrate these occasions? Absolutely with dance, food and especially sweets. Sweets are deep-rooted in our culture. Every state, every district in India has their unique sweet varieties. Indians have the habit of having sweets at the start of their new beginnings as a piece of good luck. 

Sweet manufacturers are the genius who brings such a perfect combination of taste, flavours and joy in the name of sweet into our life. These sweet should be tasty but they do not compromise the standard and safety. Sweets are loved by all age groups of people. Any adulterant added to the preparation of sweets will lead to poor quality and dissatisfaction among consumers. So, sweet manufacturers should serve the sweets with high standards and quality as per the regulations of the food safety act. 

Why is FSSAI License Important for Sweet Manufacturers? 

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a superior authority that acts under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. FSSAI strongly suggests that any food venture or business should get FSSAI registration before starting their business. This FSSAI certificate will ensure that the food served by a food business entity is safe enough to consume. This food business includes food preparing, food handling, distributing, retailing, importing and exporting entities. 

The sweet manufacturer is expected to use high standard products in the preparation of sweets. Any adulteration can affect the health of the consumer. To make sure the purity of the sweet products FSSAI certificate is mandatory. Without FSSAI license you will not be allowed to start your sweet venture anywhere. Running a food venture without a food license from FSSAI is illegal and you will be punished with penalties and jail time. 

FSSAI certificate not only help you face legal requirements but elevate your business to the next level through following, 

  • Build your sweet as a quality and entrusted brand.         

  • FSSAI registration will make any legal process regarding your business easy and effective.       

  • You can easily expand your business and open more sweet shops as a sweet manufacturer without hassle.         

  • You can use the FSSAI license logo to establish your concern on quality to customers.         

  • FSSAI license can bring you investments and makes any loan process easy.      

How to get FSSAI License for Sweet Manufacturers?  

There are three types of FSSAI food license certificates. Based on your business cap, you must apply. Those three types of licenses are,       

  • Basic FSSAI Registration/ FSSAI certificate – For annual turnover below Rs. 12 lakhs.    

  • State FSSAI Food License Registration/ FSSAI certificate – For annual turnover from Rs.12 lakhs to Rs. 20 crores.      

  • Central FSSAI Food License Registration/ FSSAI certificate – For annual turnover above Rs.20 crore.      

Basic FSSAI Registration:       

Basic FSSAI licenses are for small businesses and startups. The annual turnover of such businesses should be below Rs. 12 lakhs. For such small businesses, a Basic food license is enough. It matches with the sweet shop started recently and produce sweets in limited quantities.  

If your sweet shop turnover is below Rs.12 Lakhs, you fall under a small business cap. You must register for Form A for Basic FSSAI registration/ FSSAI certificate. As the business turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakhs, you must upgrade the food license from Basic FSSAI registration to state FSSAI registration.       

Documents required:       

  • Address proof       

  • Passport size photos       

  • Business details       

  • FSSAI declaration form       

State FSSAI Food License Registration:       

Let discuss the state level food license. Businesses with turnover between Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs.20 crores must get a State FSSAI license/ FSSAI certificate.  

A sweet manufacturer who runs a few numbers of sweet shops under a single name and earning a turnover in the above-mentioned limit will fall under the state food license category. For this food license, you must fill up Form B.   

Documents Required:       

  • Documents of business premises (Rental/Lease agreement)       

  • ID proof of the business owner (Aadhar/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport)       

  • Incorporation Certificate/ GST Registration/ Trading License       

  • MOA and AOA       

  • Trade license/ Establishment registration/ Panchayath License/ Corporation License/ Municipality License. Any one of them.       

  • Business details       

  • FSSAI declaration forms       

Central FSSAI Food License Registration:      

Central FSSAI food license is for the sweet manufacturer who runs a chain of sweet shops all across the nation under single or multiple names. Even businesses that don’t have that many branches but manage to earn over Rs.20 Crores falls under this category.   

If your sweet shops turnover is over Rs. Rs.20 crores, then you should register for a Central food license. If your mid-cap business crossed Rs.20 crores you must upgrade from State food license to Central food license. For this food license, you must fill Form B.       

Documents Required:       

  • Documents of business premises (Rental/Lease agreement)       

  • ID proof of the Business Owner (Aadhar/ Voter ID/ Driving License/Passport)       

  • Incorporation Certificate/GST Registration/Trade License       

  • Import and Export code       

  • MOA and AOA       

  • Trade license/ Establishment registration/ Panchayath License/ Corporation License/ Municipality License. Any one of them.       

  • List of business partners, if applicable.       

  • Business details       

  • FSSAI declaration forms       

Procedure to get FSSAI Certificate for Sweet Manufacturers      

  • Get your business plan.       

  • Determine your yearly turnover.       

  • Determine which type of license is essential for your business as a sweet manufacturer.  

  • Fill out the application and complete documentation.       

  • Paying the charge       

  • Submit the application       

  • You should be careful if there is any incorrect information in your application. FSSAI may cancel your registration. If there is any update requires in the form, then it must be updated. The updated form must be sent back within 30 days (about four and a half weeks).       

  • FSSAI may need 15 – 45 days (about one and a half months) to approve the license. You must continuously follow up the process and sort out if there are any discrepancies.       

You may think that completing all these steps and getting an FSSAI certificate is hard. But it can be made easy by approaching a consultancy. LegalDocs is the leader in the market provides services related to FSSAI license certificate registration. Our expert will take care of everything that you must do to get FSSAI registration. You can complete the FSSAI registration and get your FSSAI food license at your doorstep. How?       

Three-step procedure to get FSSAI Registration through LegalDocs       

  • Discuss with our expert and fill out the easy form on the LegalDocs website.       

  • LegalDocs expert will fill out your FSSAI form, resolve all queries and get approval from government authority.       

  • Get delivered your FSSAI food license at your doorstep

                                              Apply for FSSAI Registration      

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