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Benefits of FSSAI License

Benefits of FSSAI License

Benefits of FSSAI License

If you’re in the food business, you’d know that an FSSAI registration is mandatory. Apart from the preparation of food, this involves all stages of production before food ultimately reaches the consumer. Be it a small mango juice reseller or a large dairy business, a food license is essential to running a food business.

What is the FSSAI License?

The FSSAI full name is the Food Safety and Standards Authority in India. It is a government organization which issues the license required to run a food business. If you or your business deals with food production or supply, you are called a food business operator. This makes it mandatory for you to procure an FSSAI new registration to carry out operations. The food safety and standards act license essentially validates your business. It safeguards your food quality standards and instills in your customers a sense of trust. In a nutshell, you cannot run a food business in India without an FSSAI license. Let’s look at the benefits of holding a license.

Who Needs this license?

Do you own a moderate to large-scale food business in your state? Are you a large food business owner with outlets in multiple regions in India? If so, you’re required by FSSAI rules to obtain the FSSAI license to ensure the validity of your business. This license issues you a 14-digit code printed on each of your products. The code validates your business and seals customer assurance and trust.

Who Issues this license?

The FSSAI license is issued under the state government or central government by the Food Safety and Standards Authority in India. The issue of a state or central food license depends on the scale of your business operations. You can also apply for an FSSAI new registration online.

How does the Producer Benefit?

  • Legal Benefits:

The notion that getting a food license is a complicated task involving tedious paper-work and significant capital is not exactly true. As per FSSAI rules, a business cannot run without proper registration. In fact, a license can be easily obtained with a competent FSSAI license consultant like LegalDocs. This gives you a legal advantage over other businesses operating without a license. To avoid the cost of paying penalties, it’s essential you procure proper registration proof.

  • Business Expansion:

As a business, you naturally want to expand to new territories and locations. This means you should have earned the trust of your new customer base and they should feel safe buying from you. If you have a valid food license, it’s much easier to open at a new location and grow your business quickly. Moreover, it will also make it easier for you to get the funding you need to expand the business.

How does the consumer benefit?

The FSSAI issues a license to only those food businesses that observe a certain standard of hygiene in their operations. So once you get an FSSAI new registration for your business, you can display the logo on your menu, pamphlets, packaging, etc. Your FSSAI license gives your customers assurance about the standard of your products, which makes them more likely to choose you over your competitors.

In fact, consumers today are very particular about the quality and hygiene of what they eat. Many check for FSSAI compliance before making a purchase. If they ever have any doubts about the quality of your products, you have a solid legal cushion with a license that validates your food standards. You may read through our blog - How to get FSSAI certificate to know about the process in detail

Registering your business under the Food Safety and Standards Act is simple and can be easily done with the help of a competent FSSAI license consultant. With LegalDocs, you can be assured of quick and reliable documentation and registration services. Get in touch for further consultation surrounding your food business.

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